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The quantalyze® service

quantalyze enables searching for quantities such as temperatures or dosages in text documents with unprecedented precision.

It allows information professionals to perform numeric range queries together with full text searches in documents. Your searches will be far more complete since the number of relevant documents retrieved is maximized. The quantalyze service

  • detects quantity expressions (e.g. 0.4, seven million) and units of measure (e.g. degrees Celsius, kilogram, inches etc.) in documents.
  • identifies intervals such as "70°C to about 80°C" and will retrieve relevant documents if a query includes a temperature within this interval.
  • automatically converts measurement values into a standard unit of measure enabling transparent searching across unit systems.
  • performs multilingual indexing of quantities enabling transparent searching across different languages.

To take advantage of the functionalities of quantalyze, you do not need to download or install any software on your computer.